Koning Albertlaan 31
9000 Ghent
Dear valued customers of the Gouden Klok,

for almost forty years we had the pleasure of receiving you in our restaurant for a fine kitchen, with delicious food on the table and good wine to pair with it.  As your chef and your host we have for different reasons reached the conclusion that the time has come to finish our successful activities in the Albertlaan, from January the first 2023 on.
For the future we have a nice propoposal :  we can receive you as guest at the table in another place very close to Ghent and simply ask you to always make your reservation in advance for us to be able to offer you on a different scale the same quality as before.
We thank you for your fidelity in the past and offer you the same quality of service and craftmanship in the future.

Chef Alberto and host Irma.
For all information : Contact us via 09 222 99 00 or 0486 59 99 87